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DictionaryUse our online scrabble dictionary to find all the words for scrabble and their correlation definition. We check your words with some of the official word lists used in scrabble tournaments like the TWL, SOWPODS and including other languages like French, Spanish, German and Italian. All our results are shown in junction with scrabble based words so you know you are getting the right definition as well and the correct word lists avaiable to you. Make sure you use our dictionary cheat to help you figure if the words you are using are going to be valid words in scrabble.

You can also use our dictionary for everyday words as well. We support over 200,000 words so we are sure to find the results you are looking for. If you do not find a word that you feel we should have in our dictionary please contact us and we will get that added to our database. Our dictionary can also support other word games like words with friends and lexical.

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